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We help you with innovative Storytelling to accelerate Growth

We help you with

Communication Infrastructure

All that you need to get your message out there: Website, cross-channel communication, customer journey (system)integration.

Branded Storytelling

Strategizing stories to build your online authority and influence. Stories for customer engagement, trust, growth, sales, and loyalty.

Product Development

Story-driven Product discovery and Product market fit practices to keep increasing Product value and pivot to new opportunities.

We champion the undeniable influence of compelling storytelling.

Make impact

Break free from ineffective messaging, expensive campaigns, and time-consuming outreach.

Embrace a data-driven storytelling approach that transforms your brand and business.

With Business Story Lab, you'll discover the power of stories to:

  • Unleash the true essence of your brand
  • Engage your audience on a deeper level
  • Drive measurable results

Our total approach seamlessly integrates storytelling into every aspect of your business, from brand messaging to product development to customer experience.

Say goodbye to chaos and welcome a world of clarity, impact, and growth.

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Our flexible pricing options cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring you get the support you deserve to achieve your business goals.

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During our call, you'll:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how storytelling can drive business growth
  • Explore how to integrate storytelling into your marketing and product development strategies
  • Receive tailored recommendations to address your specific business challenges

Transform Your Brand into a Story-Driven Powerhouse

Learn strategies, backed by data and compelling use cases, to transform your business into a story-driven powerhouse.

Elevate brand perception, foster loyalty, and gain a competitive edge. It's time to captivate your audience and stand out in the dynamic business landscape.

What’s included with every package

Business Roadmap

A personalized roadmap for implementing storytelling strategies across your organization

Expert Guidance

Tailored solutions and expert guidance to address your specific business goals and challenges

Regular Check-ins

Regular check-ins and progress tracking to ensure you're on track to achieve your objective

Pricing plan for companies of all sizes

Essential Package
For solopreneurs and new businesses. This subscription will provide you with a solid base and the right marketing tools and one year long support to kickstart your business.
Most popular
Growth Package
For start-ups and light ecommerce businesses. This subscription will deliver a strong marketing strategy for your brand, boosting marketing, and growing sales.
Accelerate Package
For established businesses ready to scale, and needing an expert agency to help achieve aggressive goals of improving sales and profits.
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The experts behind Business Story Lab

We're a cutting-edge business storytelling team, uniting leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. On a mission to revolutionize the landscape of saturated attention through impactful storytelling.

Janneke Voet


Janneke, a passionate storyteller with a background in theater and marketing, is on a mission to empower businesses to harness the transformative power of storytelling. With Business Story Lab, she gu

Matthijs Veenendaal


Matthijs, a seasoned entrepreneur and technology leader, brings over 20 years of experience in digital business to Business Story Lab. His passion for innovation and continuous improvement fuels his d


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Business Story Lab is seeking talented individuals to join our team as we embark on an exciting growth journey. We are passionate about storytelling and its transformative power, and we are committed

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